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Telco Cloud Advantage

enxoo Commerce: a next generation cloud BSS.


Ian H Smith

As the market for telecommunications intensifies, the competitive advantage of the business-to-business and wholesale solutions provider increasingly relies on an ability to accelerate sales, unify processes and to improve engagement with employees and partners. This means adopting the right technologies for Operations Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS).

When enxoo Communications created its next generation BSS solution, it started from an inherent advantage of building on the Salesforce Lightning Platform - a world-class cloud infrastructure for enterprise apps and services. This is illustrated in the infographic below.

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enxoo Commerce comprises telecommunications industry-specific modules, built on the same underlying business logic that supports Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Extending the market-facing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality of Salesforce Sales Cloud, enxoo Commerce modules comprise:

CPQ Engine

A Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) capability that enables telecommunications service providers to create unique rules related to pre-configured product-service solution combinations. This reduces human effort and errors in delivering quotations through direct or indirect sales channels.

Product Catalogue

Linked to Salesforce Sales Cloud, the Product Catalogue provides access to the right products and services for all key direct or indirect sales users. This is achieved with a combination of Salesforce Sales Cloud and enxoo Commerce configurations.

Order Management

The Order Management module allows for services provisioning orchestration of delivery workflows, where this is broken-down into a clear set of tasks. This is also where cloud-based integration with the Operations Support System (OSS) is enabled, utilising the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. 

Service Assurance

Supporting key Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and managing Trouble Tickets, Service Assurance integrates with the Salesforce Service Cloud. This is delivered through all channels: calls, emails, social media, SMS, Web and Live Chat.

Performance Management

Enable measurable increases in Employee Engagement through implementing the complementary Skilo Talent Management App. This is published on the same underlying Salesforce Lightning Platform business logic as enxoo Commerce, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.


enxoo Communications, in combination with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, delivers the following advantages to the business-to-business and wholesale telecommunications venture:

Increased Sales Effectiveness
Real-time information about sales performance.
Quality sales pipeline for constructive discussions with team.
Reliable sales forecasting, thanks to up-to-date data.
Increased team efficiency, thanks to automation.

More Accurate Sales, Faster

Reduced quoting time and improved quote quality.
Better support from all touch points.
Access to automated inter-operator process for pricing and delivery.

Greater Visibility and Control

Real-time data dashboards: opportunities; team rankings; churn; deal financials, etc.
Immediate information about new business opportunities.
Enable partners to resell products and including partner’s offering.
Manage the business from anywhere on mobile devices.

Improved Delivery Orchestration
Delivery process visibility, with ability to identify bottlenecks.
Delivery process automation for combined product and services.
Delivery KPI monitoring, with ability to optimise the process.
Easy communication with the team via Salesforce Chatter.